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Fruit Palm Trees and Displays

Our fresh fruit palm tree will easily become a focal point and talking point for your guests. Our spectacular displays are always prepared freshly on the day using only the finest, ripest fruits that are in season. The aroma and colors of our freshly cut fruits are certain to capture your guests attention the moment they walk by. 


Each fruit palm tree holds 400-500 individually skewered bite sized pieces of fruit which are decoratively arranged. They look great on their own or in pairs  and make the perfect compliment to our chocolate fountain. No matter what venue, theme or budget, this is a must have to make your event that little bit more special.  

We can also provide a stunning fresh fruit display to accompany any fresh fruit palm tree, the options are endless. 

Choose from strawberries, apples, grapes, mangoes, oranges, honey dew cantaloupe and water melons, kiwis, coconuts, pineapples, raspberries and more...the choice is endless and the choice is yours. 


We can also provide a dip or sauce of your choice, including but not limited to Maple Syrup, Butterscotch sauce, Toffee sauce, Strawberry sauce, thick Double Fresh Cream, Cream Cheese or Greek Yoghurt.

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